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Postpartum Mothers Mobile Study (PMOMS) is a research study focused on understanding factors associated with racial disparities in postpartum weight and health during and after pregnancy. We will examine the complex interplay between stress, discrimination, behavior, and environment in order to understand the black-white disparity in postpartum weight retention and cardiometabolic risks after pregnancy. By collecting data on women’s health and well-being in real time, using smartphones and related technologies, we expect to have a more nuanced understanding of women’s exposures and changes in health during and after pregnancy.

In 2021, PMOMS was awarded a supplement grant to fund additional research around pandemic-related behaviors and measures of structural racism, like income inequity. In addition, the supplement will facilitate a creative community-centered campaign to display study findings throughout the summers of 2022 and 2023. Our team has partnered with several community-based and advocacy organizations to not only contribute to the supplemental research, but also to ensure authenticity in the dissemination campaign.

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